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BARANG ALAT GANTI KERETA POTONG YANG DIJUAL DI KEDAI HALF CUT SPARE PART Jangan beli barang half cut! Kalau anda tidak tahu market price barang baru.. pengetahuan tentang harha market bagi barangan spare part baru kereta memang %tag% Mun Lee Auto Parts (M) Sdn Bhd is a well-established, one-stop shop for all Japanese vehicles company, based in Selangor – Malaysia dealing in half cuts (front and rear), performance upgrades, used spare parts and panels as well as turbo and non-turbo engines for all kinds of JDM cars. Auto Body Shops [53] Automotive Consultants [25] Automotive Customizing [19] Auto Glass [29] Automobile Leasing [7] Automotive Manufacturing [5] Automotive Parts & Accessories [55] Automotive repair [250] Automotive Restoration [12] Automotive Storage [2] Automotive Wholesalers [5] Automotive Window Tinting Services [4] Automotives [45] Car ... Ok, let's start with the 4G13 engine. It is 1.3 liters engine which is known as economic fuel consumtion engine. 4G15 is 1.5 liters model is the base range model and produced a little more HP compare to 4G13. salam semua,shah 013-3590626 puchong.. sy ada head 4g18 dr lancer glx, bg skali head cover lancer rm500 head ck2a twin cam doch pnp kat 4g18, bg skali gasket baru, timing belt xde, bearing n tapak enjin bg skali rm850 xpon jual complete enjin 4g18 lancer skali dashboard evo7 auto, bg mcm halfcut rm3,500

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